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Vegetarian dinner Indian inspired

Friday, 26 May 2017 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Cabbage Thoran with fresh grated coconut
Sauteed cabbage Thoran with fresh grated coconut mustard seeds and curry leaves

This class we will do some vegetarian favorites! that are great to have in your repertoire. Always requested Papri Chat for starters which are crispy fried round chips topped with chick pea and diced and spiced potatoes. Then drizlled with sweet and sour tamarind saice and fresh spicy green chutney made with lemon, green chillies and cilantro. Then some fried mixed vegatable pakoras with a yoghurt, mint and cucumber dipping sauce (raita). Best sauteed Cabbage Thoran with fresh coconut, curry leaves and fried mustard seeds. Channa masala of chick peas in coconut milk. Delicous steamed Basmati rice with toasted cumin seeds. Tasty Aloo Gobi (cauliflower) with peas . Dessert will be a delicous honey spiced fruit salad with coconut vanilla cream !

50.00 CAD

Asian Noodles 123

Friday, 2 June 2017 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Crispy fried Cantonese noodles with Guy Lan and Chicken in an Oyster sauce
Crispy fried Cantonese noodles with Guy Lan and Chicken in an Oyster sauce

This class will allow you to understand all the different techniques to prepare different Asian style noodles and we have included some of the favorites. From Thailand (with influences from Vietnam and Indonesia) we will do the classic Pad Thai with shrimp, chicken, egg, peanuts,tamarind,fish sauce, roasted chili,herbs and rice noodles! Then the one we are asked about most often is the Cantonese crispy fried noodles and we will make a dish with BBQ pork or Char Siu and Chinese vegetables as the topping. Next up is one of my favorites and it is the fresh Chinese rice noodles with a Beef and fermented black bean sauce with onions and green peppers. We will also do a quick cold noodle dish with the thin vermicelli rice noodles. This is more of a summer salad that will have shrimp, herbs and some picked vegetables with a nuoc man garlic honey fish sauce!

Only 2 available spots left for this class

50.00 CAD