Introductions to Flavour Harmonization using Chartier Tables

Chefs Chartier and FaulknerFinally the world renowned sommelier and food writer Francois Chartier has released his second food related cooking guides for flavor harmonization of food and wines, L'Essentiel de Chartier. He published Tastebuds and Molecules in 2009 and has been writing articles for La Presse between 2005-1012. I had been awaiting this particular books arrival in order to use this to take us down a much more logical path to cooking. What this also means is we now have information that allows us to match herbs, spices, vegetables and meats, seafood etc. based on their flavor composition. It removes the guessing and empirical way of cooking of the past. It also opens the doors to many new delicious and healthy combinations that we were completely unaware of before!

There are all sorts of wonderful new ways to jazz up vegetables and make them into delicious meals themselves. There is more on meats and seafood too! The classes will now be based on a particular vegetable or protein and we will prepare a meal around it using these new flavor harmony techniques. Of course there are still the Knife Skills classes and Stock and Sauces classes that are required to get you started. But each class will bring something new and delicious onto your table!

Hope to see you all soon for this new adventure in food!

Chef Stephane